What Ever Happened?


Film Director: ateliermob

Producer: ateliermob

Year: 2013



Andreia Salavessa
Tiago Mota Saraiva

Rua dos Fanqueiros n.º 235, 4º Esq.
1100-229 Lisboa
T. +351 218863869
Email: info@ateliermob.com
Site: http:://www.ateliermob.com


Contrary to what is taken for granted, the financial crisis does not diminish society’s needs for the work of architects. For architects, the problem should not be the lack of work but the means to pay for it, especially at a time when those who need their services the most, do not have the money to hire them. “Working with the 99%” is the motto of a program by Ateliermob, created in order to find a position in the center of the crisis, to work with concrete problems concerning architecture, design and urbanism. This video is the story of the journey of an architectural firm, based in Lisbon, with different experiences inside and outside of Portugal. This is the story of a professional firm that aims being an essential tool for improving the living conditions of any community.


Ateliermob is a multidisciplinary platform for research and development of ideas and projects in the areas of architecture, design and urbanism. The company was founded in 2005 in Lisbonas a result of several works carried out by its founding partners. Ateliermob has been working on projects of different typologies and scales for public and private entities. In parallel, we have also been developing research work to support the project-oriented practice, an architecture blog, design and urban planning, as well as participations in several competitions.

Referenced in several national and international publications, Ateliermob has held conferences in Lisbon, Oporto, Coimbra, Barcelona, Montpellier, Toronto, Vaduz and Cluj-Napoca, and achieved several awards which include:


1st Prize Future Cities, Planning for the 90 per cent international competition [2012]

UP4 Amareleja’s detailed plan public competition [2010]

New Moura’s Cemetery public competition [2008]

International competition for the Dynamization of the Middle Tejo River Margins [2007]

2nd Prize “Premio di Architettura F. L. Catel” international competition for Rome [2011]


Urban renewal in Vibo Valentia international competition [2012]

20 +10 + X World Architecture Community Awards (6th Cycle) [2010]

International competition for the New Court Building in Paris [2006]