Film Director: Luca Onesti


Ternullo/Melo Architects,Lda

Chiara Ternullo
Pedro Teixeira de Melo

Estaleiro Naval da Rocha do Conde de Óbidos
1399-036 Lisboa
+351 213 915 998
Email: info@ternullomelo.com
Site: www.ternullomelo.com


TERNULLOMELO is a self-produced small documentary, directed by Luca Onesti, about the homonymous Italian-Portuguese office. Using archive images and movie clips of current and past works, as well as small interviews to the architects and to one of their first clients, the documentary shows the office’s production and main ideas.


TERNULLOMELO ARCHITECTS is a Lisbon-based architectural practice founded in 2006 by Chiara Ternullo and Pedro Teixeira de Melo. Following a long term collaboration, the studio has since then been not only involved in several competitions, but has also worked on projects for public and private clients, mostly in Italy and Portugal.

Its work has been awarded several prizes such as the first prize in both the Marceddi and Santa Caterina dei Pittinuri Costeras international architecture competitions; the first prize in the International ideas competition for the restoration and reuse of Nogarole Rocca’s fortress and adjoining park; the third prize in the Service Areas for Expo 2015 international architecture competition; the third prize in Ischia’s Aragonese Castle Cathedral spatial reconfiguration international competition.

They have also been included in several collective exhibitions, selections and cycles such as the 2010 edition of the New Italian Blood TOP 10 of under 36 Italian architects; the ARQ/A magazine “Geração Z” insert on young Portuguese architects; the “Young Portuguese Architects Awarded in International Competitions” lecture cycle curated by Cristina Veríssimo and hosted by MUDE Design Museum. Using archive images and movie clips of current and past works – from completed projects to competition proposals and others – as well as small interviews, the self-produced documentary, directed by Luca Onesti, shows the office’s production and main ideas.