PROAP Arquitectura Paisagista


Film Director: João Pedro Nunes

Producer: PROAP

Year: 2013

Photographer: FG+SG, Leonardo Finotti, Diogo Bento & Iñaki Zoilo



João Ferreira Nunes
Carlos Ribas
Iñaki Zoilo
Nuno Jacinto

Rua D. Luís I, 19, 6º,
1200-149 Lisboa,
+351 213 951 724


The documentary presents the Founder and CEO of PROAP studio João Ferreira Nunes, explaining the notions behind landscape architecture, as well as some basic design principles of selected projects (Parque do Tejo e Trancão, Cava do Viriato, ETAR de Alcântara, Miradouro de Santa Catarina) and the process of PROAP’s internationalization. The film was directed by João Pedro Nunes and produced by PROAP.


PROAP is a leading international design practice exclusively dedicated to landscape architecture, founded in 1989, based in Lisbon (Portugal) and with offices in Luanda (Angola) and Treviso (Italy). The partnership is led by João Ferreira Nunes and currently employs 30 professionals – a cross-disciplinary team, with distinguished levels of expertise in landscape, in its most inclusive conception. The firm’s core business is landscape architecture, namely landscape design development, project management, sustainable design and development, urban design and planning. The studio’s work and research is oriented according to a principle of intervention in landscape, which is based on the reading and the interpretation of places, recognizing its most intimate rules and mechanisms to set up an approach. A consolidated group of external offices provides the necessary expertise backup in the fields of economy, engineering, mobility, energy, ecology and resource management in a group that has matured through friendship and gratifying team work.

Internationalization began in 2002, mainly through award winning entries in international competitions and is currently developing distinguished, large scale, projects in Italy, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Belgium, Spain, Algeria, Libya, Morocco,

Lebanon, Switzerland and France. PROAP ’S interventions have progressively spread throughout Europe and reached Central America and Asia. The constitution of the Angolan society PROAP SA, in 2007, responded to the growing volume of work demands, and is currently one of PROAP’s major investments. In Europe, PROAP Italia Srl was established in 2008.