Film Director: LAPANADERÍA


Year: 2010

Location: Sevilla, Spain


l a p a n a d e r í a

Eva Morales
Rubén Alonso
David Cañavate

Address: C/ Garci Fernández 20ª 41008 SEVILLA
Country: Spain
Tel: + 34 954 41 93 05


Eva Morales and Rubén Alonso talk about the project “lapanaderia” explaining their intention of using architecture as a starting point to integrate a more global citizenship project.


Eva Morales, David Cañavate and Rubén Alonso started LAPANADERÍA (“The Bakery”) together in 2003. They studied Architecture in Seville, and also worked and studied in Berlin, Torino, Barcelona and Madrid. At the beginning they shared their Studio with the artists group CALC. And now they do with Architects without Frontiers. La panaderia is located in a popular neighborhood near Sevilla’s city centre, in a diaphanous Studio with two street exits and closeness to the neighbors. The ideal place to “bake and offer bread”.

Bread, like the architecture we like, that which focuses on the essentials and basics, which is moldable and adaptable. Since 2005 we focus in our line of work “House more or less: housing as a process”, which Intends to experiment with concepts and models of housing further adapted to the user, and with its transformations through time, as well as types of accommodation which may propose solutions to new lifestyles, to present needs in energy saving and social sustainability.

We try to work with three processes which feedback each other, professional practice, research, and teaching.

We like to think of architecture as an open code process, as a support where the dweller may finish building, transforming, adapting and personalizing the space.