Ideas in contexts


Film Director: AQSO arquitectos office

Producer: AQSO arquitectos office

Year: 2013


AQSO arquitectos office

Luis Aguirre Manso
Sergio Blanco Fernández

Apt. Postal 18152 Madrid, Spain
0034 917710294


A dialogue over the internet between the people at AQSO becomes the storyline of this documentary and the pretext for illustrating with three different projects the creative process when working on unknown contexts. The chosen schemes are housing projects in Guangyuan (China) and Casablanca (Morocco), as well as a commercial complex in Lianyungang (China). As foreign architects working in different environments, the commission becomes a learning process from the research phase to the developed scheme. This experience, creating a way of living through the particular requirements of the domestic space, accepting the importance of the relationship with nature in each cultural scenario, or understanding the development in terms of political and economic forces, also raises questions related to the urbanization process taking place in these countries, how conceptual ideas are interpreted in each culture or the role of the professionals within the context.


AQSO is an architecture office composed of an international team who started to operate simultaneously in different countries and markets.

Their experiences are built up over hits and misses in diverse contexts. Used to a long distance working routine, the architects go through some of their projects via a Skype conference. They share their thoughts about the cultural gap between western and eastern worlds, the mission of the architect in both societies and their vision about the intrinsic role between architecture and place.

All in all, they believe in a flexible and comprehensive philosophy, originating a creative process based on the specific aspects surrounding each project.