Film Director: Marcelo Dantas

Producer: Marcelo Dantas

Year: 2013


OSMD – Olga Sanina & Marcelo Dantas, Arquitectos

Olga Sanina
Marcelo Dantas

Rua Artilharia 1, nº22 3ºEsq, 1250-040 Lisboa – Portugal
Email: md@osmd-a.com
Site: www.osmd-a.com


Directed and produced by Marcelo Dantas, the Documentary covers three projects of ephemeral nature, an area of intensive activity in the studio. The main focus is on the different relationships between the formal and material principle of each project, with its final expression on the density of the material chosen to materialize each project as to reach an intended ethereal presence.


Olga Sanina & Marcelo Dantas Arquitectos launched this experimental architecture studio in 2003 still whilst students, as a need to complement their ongoing academic journey with a first approach to the “real life”, especially trough national and international architecture competitions.

This partnership has been successful since day one and from then on seeks to broaden its activity range beyond the conventional architecture realm, pushing the boundaries between architecture and other art forms, such as sculpture, photography, installations and street art, among others.

“Ephereal” comes from the blending of the words “ephemeral” and “ethereal”. Two concepts blended in the projects shown in the documentary…