Film Director: Estudio Cano lasso

Year: -

Location: Madrid, Gijon, Segovia and Extremadura



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Guecho, 29. 28023 Madrid
Tel: +34 913077073


This document presents an image compilation regarding nine projects: House in Florida and Justice Court Center, Madrid; Talasotherapy Center, Gijon; Valladolid University, Segovia; Microsurgery Center, Housing Development, EMT headquarters, Rockodromo, House in el Pinar Madrid;


The facility is situated in the urban park of the Trade Fair Enclosures, inside the great Forest Park of Casa de Campo. The installation as a whole is formed by three fundamental elements, the Madrid Arena, the Satellite Pavilion and the existing Crystal Pavilion. This basic components can operate jointly or as three individualised. The three buildings are diverse yet similar, all of them with simple and clear geometric shapes. They differ from each other in the degree of material density and transparency of their shells. The Crystal Pavilion is a fine skinned prism, the Madrid Arena is characterised b its circular ground plan, with a façade of several layers and variable transparency that’s adapts its degree of transparency to the need for protection of the different orientations. The Satellite Pavilion, a dense and potent orthohedron fitted into the topography, with reference to what Michael Heizer suggested in some of his land art installations.

From the conceptual point of view, the Madrid Arena is a great floating disc that compresses and contains the space thanks to its pre-tensed structure, light and highly efficient, resting on twelve pairs of slender pillars designed by the prestigious engineer Julio Martínez Calzón. The circular shape, which is optimal for the structural work on the roof, is intentionally made to contrast with the rectangular geometry of the grandstands, like in the Malevich’s supremacist picture in which the circle violates the square edge of the canvas. This layout provides an the vestibules.

The great novelty incorporated at the Madrid Arena, thanks to the fact that its grandstand is completely mechanised and retractile, is the possibility of adapting the seating capacity to each specific use both in magnitude and in general configuration. When the entire grandstand is extended, the venue is able to host track sports events. With the modular retraction of part of the grandstand, the seating capacity is modulated and different configurations are achieved for hosting shows, concerts, theatre events of different dimensions and circus events. The building features excellent acoustic conditions. The grandstand can completely disappear in just a few hours so the venue can be used for trade fairs and other uses that do not require seated spectators, allowing in to be turned into a large trade fair and exhibitions building. The venue is simple, clear, direct and highly versatile.