132 social dwellings in Madrid


Film Director: Diego Hurtado de Mendonza

Producer: Entresitio

Year: 2011

Location: Vallecas, Madrid


Entresitio Arquitectos

María Hurtado de Mendoza
César Jiménez de Tejada
José María Hurtado de Mendoza

Site: www.entresitio.com
Email: jmhm@entresitio.com
Address: Gran Vía, 33 • 7º Izq. 28013 Madrid
Country: Spain
Tel: +34 917010330


From the cold morning sunrise to the end of the day, the film shows a journey alongside the building. People’s life continues as we focus on reflections, light movements, textures and clouds, but also on the city and its continuous rhythm.


Estudio.entresitio is a partnership formed by Maria Hurtado de Mendoza and Cesar Jimenez de Tejada, who have been working together since the beginning of their professional careers in 1993, and Jose Maria Hurtado de Mendoza, who joined the office in 2003, after working in Rafael Moneo’s office for four years.

This project is the result of a competition run by Madrid’s Municipal Housing Agency at the end of 2003. The philosophy of the competition was that each team would offer the best architecture solution that was able to imagine, subject to compliance with the “economic” parameters for the lot: maximum surface to be built and number of dwellings and always considering that it is a social housing development. Above ground, the building occupies 70% of the limit set by the alignment of the façades, with a general setback to liberate more public space on the front sidewalk access and natural relief of ground floor commercial use. Furthermore this setback avoids the typical chamfers of area planning and works with sharper volume geometry.

For a certain floor area, reducing the footprint of the building necessarily implies growing in height and in this case we proposed a shaped volume with profile proportions, which is uncommon. One might think of the building as an aggregation of a tower and a block by a central body, but we are more interested in the idea of a free development in height, where the balance between the parts and the whole is somewhat disturbing.